Visby ringmur, fotot är taget på valborgsmässoafton den 30 april 2013.Visby ringmur, fotot är taget på valborgsmässoafton den 30 april 2013.Foto: Helen Simonsson (CC BY-SA)

World heritage sites as resources and opportunities – exemplified by Visby Town Wall

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Symposium in Visby, Sweden April 23rd-24th 2015

Management and development of a World Heritage Site is a multifaceted task that requires interaction of many actors and sectors. How can cultural heritage de developed into a goldmine that promotes sustainable development and proper management of monuments and sites?

The seminar highlights different issues that are crucial concerning World Heritage management. Thursday will deal with the process and results of the reconstruction of the Visby Town Wall, which collapsed in 2012. Safety, authentic materials and methods as well as collaborating with other ongoing projects across the Nordic region will be described. The presentations of the first day will be held in Swedish.

The program on Friday will focus on World Heritage Sites as resources for development. Financing, management, tourism and business as important factors of development will be discussed. The importance of collaboration between stakeholders will be highlighted. A couple of international examples will be presented, and the day ends with a panel discussion. The workshop is to be conducted in English.

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