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  • Tools

    SOCH Application Developer Toolbox The Flea (using SOCH API) This is a simple tool application, developed in-house, to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the SOCH API. The API is efficient and stable; we recommend that you use it. The

  • Rights

    Here are details of the various licenses / rights that exist in RDF resources: Public Domain Mark Public Domain Mark is a non-legally binding labelling of materials where the copyright has expired, or where the material is not protected by

  • Resources (RDF Format)

    NB! This documentation has not yet been updated to version 1.1 of the SOCH API. Available Contexts for Objects Data Quality Levels for Objects Available Object Types Media Types for Objects (not RDF) Subjects used to Categorize Objects Licenses for Objects

  • Resources

    NB This documentation has not been updated to version 1.1 yet. Presentation Block Description Protocol and Parameter Description Object Relation Types Presentation Data for SOCH in version 0.99 This page describes the presentation block of SOCH object data, i.e. the

  • Media types

    In SOCH, Media Types are defined according to MIME (type/subtype), e.g. ”image/gif”. You can find the available media types here: http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/

  • Geographical Authority (RDF Format)

    Geographical Authority for County (län) Geographical Authority for Municipality (kommun) Geographical Authority for Parish (socken) Geographical Authority for Province (landskap) Resource for Countries Referring to ”Geonames” Resource for Continents Referring to ”Geonames”

  • API

    Version 1.1 (updated 2012-02-08) This SOCH API is developed to enable the easy creation of advanced search applications. It contains, apart from the standard search method, methods for doing advanced statistic searches and methods for faceting, etc. To use the