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Forum for Art Handling 2020

Forum for Art Handling 2020 will be held on 2-3 November in collaboration with the Gothenburg Art Museum and the Röhsska Museum. This year’s theme is logistics and mobility.

Art and objects are moved in connection with loans and exhibitions. Many museums are in the process of relocating their museum storages. The daily work on collections and public art also involves movement. What does all this mean for the objects and how does it affect the art handlers? How do different parties collaborate on the mobility of art and cultural heritage?

If you work with installation, packing, moving and handling of art and objects, this is the forum for you!

Location: Gothenburg Art Museum and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg
Time: November 2-3, 2020
Program: Lectures, demonstrations, workshops and site visits.

Registration opens in August

We would love to hear your ideas:

• What do you want to see during the forum?
• Do you want to share a method or a practical solution?
• Have you been involved in an interesting project?
• Do you want to raise an important issue?

Feel free to contact Mathias Strömer (