Copying and scanning

Photocopiers and a book scanner are available for the users. Scanning is free of charge.

The book scanner can scan at 300 dpi and produce TIFF, PDF and JPEG files. Files can be e-mailed from the scanner or saved on a USB memory stick. They can also be printed out on paper.

The book scanner should always be used for archive material and other fragile material. You can also use your own camera or scanner. Each user is responsible for ensuring compliance with copyright legislation. If you have any questions, please ask.

Fees for copying archive material

We charge different fees depending on whether you are doing your own photocopying or ordering copies from us remotely.

Self-service Fee
Scanning using the book scanner Free of charge
Printing from the book scanner SEK 2 per page

Avgiftsförordningen (1992:191) applies when ordering copies remotely, whether these are digital or on paper. In this case, the fees are as follows:

No. Fee
1-9 copies Free of charge
10th copy SEK 50
11 or more copies SEK 2 per page

Fees for copying library material

Scanning Free of charge
A4 black & white SEK 2 per page
A4 colour SEK 10 per page
A3 black & white SEK 3 per page
A3 colour SEK 20