Ervalla översvämning 30 mars 1968. Örebro läns museum.Foto: (PDM)

Introduction: Open GLAM now!

Welcome to ”Open GLAM now!”, the Swedish National Heritage Board’s webinar series on open cultural heritage data and institutions. Thank you for your interest! In this meeting, you will get information about the concept of the series, what Open GLAM actually means and includes and what you can expect during the next sessions.

This is the transcript of the session (without the description of the program which you find here).

You are curious about Open GLAM and open cultural heritage data? You find some introducing texts and videos here:

Europeana (2017): Insights from Met Open Access: why The Metropolitan Museum of Art has opened up its collections.

Griswold, William (2019): Introducing Open Access at the CMA: For the Benefit of All the People Forever.

Kapsalis, Effie (2016): The Impact of Open Access on Galleries, Libraries, Museums, & Archives.

McCarthy, Douglas (2019): Uncovering the global picture of Open GLAM.

OpenGLAM: (That is also where you find the Open GLAM principles and the Open Definition)

Sanderhoff, Merete (ed.) (2014): The Sharing is Caring anthology. Openness and sharing in the cultural heritage sector. SMK.

Tanner, Simon (2016): Open GLAM: The Rewards (and Some Risks) of Digital Sharing for the Public Good. In Andrea Wallace & Ronan Deazley (eds.): Display At Your Own Risk: An experimental exhibition of digital cultural heritage.


This webinar series is part of the Swedish National Heritage Board’s participation in the Europeana Common Culture project.

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