riddare GlimmingehusFoto: Bengt A Lundberg/RAÄ (CC BY)

This season´s highlights

Book now for the Knight Day in June, the Tournament in July and find out what it’s like to use a medieval bow and arrow. Welcome!

The Knight Day at Glimmingehus

On June 17th the focus will be on the culture and ideals of medieval chivalry. What did it mean to be a knight? How might they be recognised? Who could – or couldn’t – become a knight? On the castle’s grassy slopes you can try your hand at archery, test your strength and skills in medieval games and learn the secrets of medieval combat. There will be possibilities to see knights practising for the big Tournament and knights showing and teaching the noble art of long sword fencing!

Date: June 17th, 10am – 5pm

Fee: Adults SEK 120, children SEK 40.

Tournament at Glimmingehus

This summer the Knights of Silfverfalken will assemble in front of Glimmingehus. Foot soldiers will also add their strength to the gathering. With standards and lances, shields and armour for celebratory or real combat, this year’s tournament will offer a full programme with horses, music, fun and games to suit all ages and tastes.

Date: August 1st, 7pm.

Fee: Adults SEK 150, children SEK 50.


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