About Fornsök

The National Heritage Board’s database for archaeological sites and monuments provides information about ancient and historical remains located on both land and under water.

You will find information about remains such as rune stones, rock carvings, cemeteries, mines, remains of crofts, places of execution, shipwrecks and much more. The chronological span is wide – from the Early Stone Age to the 20th century AD.

In Fornsök you will find information about the types of remains and monuments, the location of the remains (plotted on the map) and find out about their level of protection. The data is in most cases accompanied by descriptions either in the text or as an attached pdf (derived from the old notebooks of the national monument surveyors). In some cases the information includes photographs, sketches and references to books and articles. The data mainly derives from field surveys undertaken throughout the country, as well as from archaeological excavations and field evaluations – both on land and under water.

More than 1.7 million remains

The database contains information on more than 1.7 million remains in nearly 600 000 places. It does not provide a complete picture of all the ancient and historical remains and monuments to be found in Sweden. New information is constantly being recorded and the database is updated on a daily basis. Most of this new information is registered by county administrative boards, museums and organisations concerned with archaeological excavations and surveys.

The information in the database and the search interface is only available in Swedish. If you have any questions about The Archaeological Sites and Monuments System, please do not hesitate to contact us at: fornsok@raa.se