Publishing on Sketchfab

Sketchfab is the world’s biggest platform for publishing 3D models, with millions of models and users. The platform has a number of useful functions for presenting models.

This is also the platform that the British Museum, the National Museums of World Culture, the Hallwyl Museum, and many other museums and institutions use to publish their 3D models. Sketchfab is a commercial platform, but a basic account can be created for free. It is also free for museums and institutions to create a “Pro account”.

Easy upload

Normally you can upload your models directly from your software to Sketchfab. For the models to be comprehensible and useful, they need to be equipped with a detailed description and, preferably, links to in-depth information found elsewhere. It is also possible to attach supplementary photos, drawings, maps etc. to the description.

At Sketchfab you can also add information regarding details of the model, referred to as annotations, small number markings with explanatory captions. You can also add sound to the models. The models can be organised into categories and collections, and be given tags for better searchability.

Sketchfab also contains instructions, articles, and forums concerning most aspects of creating and publishing 3D models. Find out more on Sketchfab’s website.

Publishing on Sketchfab – instructional videos

Here are 10 instructional videos which, step by step, describe the work process when uploading a finished 3D model to Sketchfab. They are all written and recorded by Jaime Berg at Österlens Museum. Museum educator Veronica Jeppsson has reviewed and participated in writing the texts.