More inspiration regarding practical work

Below are links to information and inspiration resources for practical work on 3D models.

The Royal Armoury – Gustav Vasa’s helmet

The Royal Armour on photogrammetry, and the work on Gustav Vasa’s helmet:

Helmet with Grotesque Visor by The Royal Armoury on Sketchfab

More activities to be inspired by

• Taking sculptures for a walk: 3D printing and museum outreach (Victoria & Albert Museum makes sculptures available as 3D models to children in hospitals)

• Making impact on a small budget – how the Royal Armoury, the Hallwyl Museum, and Skokloster Museum have worked in 2D and 3D.
The paper investigates how they have achieved this and how they worked with their digital collection using limited resources. The paper explores the preparation, the decisions taken, the process and the results. In addition that, the paper will also take a closer look at some of the copyright issues that had to be dealt with and specifically at the difference between the generation of copyright between two- and three-dimensional objects. Finally it also includes the full transcript of the interview we had with Karin Nilsson which is well worth a read.

• The Royal Armoury on Digitaliseringsbloggen

• The Swedish Exhibition Agency on photogrammetry

• Three Swedish museums experiment with photogrammetry