En ung kvinna med utsläppt hår studerar en röntgenfotografier på ett krucifix som sitter uppsatta på en whiteboardtavla.
Sara Norrehed vid Riksantikvarieämbetets kulturarvslaboratorium studerar röntgenbilder på ett krucifix. Foto: (CC BY)

Heritage Science Sweden Forum 2021

The registration is now open for the Heritage Science Sweden Forum 2021. This year’s HSS Forum is a collaboration between the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Heritage Board.

HSS Forum’s aim is to highlight heritage science in Sweden and increase its visibility as a research area, while shedding light on current issues and initiatives within the field. Through this, the HSS Forum intends to promote and increase collaboration between different organisations and research disciplines.

During the conference, it will be possible for you to get an insight in current interdisciplinary cultural heritage projects and meet a broad representation of professionals in the cultural heritage field. The conference will be conducted digitally in English, and will be organised through half-day sessions focusing on short presentations, talks, discussions and digital poster sessions.

Date: 30th November–2nd December
Time: 13:00–15:30 CET
Location: Digitally in Zoom

Register for the forum

Heritage Science Sweden Forum 2021 will be held in English and the registration will be open throughout the conference.

Register here and the meeting link will be sent to your email address.


The University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Heritage Board are proud to host the 4th Heritage Science Sweden Forum. We are looking forward to welcome you all to the digital forum.

The programme for Heritage Science Sweden Forum 2021 will be available during October and the list of speakers below will be updated gradually:

  • Matthew Collins – Keynote speaker and panelist, University of Copenhagen
    Is this a 12th century joke? When science accidentally intersects material culture.
  • Thea Winter, National Archives
    Development of NIR tool for the analysis and surveying of film collections
  • Julia Brink, Research Friday
    ”Borrow a researcher” is a simple concept that works! Sweden’s most widely spread Science Festival ForskarFredag intermediate science and researchers, straight into the classroom.
  • Anton Hansson, Lund University
    Old Wood in a New Light
  • Sara Norrehed, Swedish National Heritage Board
    What was in Alfred Nobels old bottles?
  • Cecilia Rönnerstam, Nationalmuseum
    Identification of pigment samples in a Swedish colour chart from 1680
  • Peter D’Agnan, CHAB Archaeology & Building conservation Ltd
    New ways of interpreting ”Bulverket”, a 12th century lake building
  • Åsa M Larsson, Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt and Marcus Smith, Swedish National Heritage Board
    How to make Heritage Science research data FAIR: A case study
  • Ylva Stenqvist Millde and Nina Karlsson, Swedish Transport Administration
    Research and Innovation program at the Swedish Transport Administration
  • Gunnar Almevik, University of Gothenburg
    CHARTER, the European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance
  • Fredrik Ekengren and Nicoló Dell’Unto, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University 
    Dynamic collections: Material Engagement in the Digital Space
  • Margaretha Andersson, Uppsala University
    From object to impact – The role of research infrastructure for a knowledge based value chain in Heritage Science.

Stavroula Golfomitsou and Elyse Canosa from the departement of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg will be moderating the forum.

About Heritage Science Sweden

Heritage science is an internationally established and expanding research area that combines humanities, natural sciences and technology. In 2018, the national network, ”Heritage Science Sweden”, was established. The goals of the network are to bring together different actors for closer and stronger research collaborations on cultural heritage issues. The Swedish National Heritage Board is the convening party for the network.

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