About BeBR

Bebyggelseregistret, BeBR (Data Base of Built Heritage) is a national registry holding information about the built heritage. The represented data ranges from traditional log cabins and old industrial quarters to modern city buildings.

As of October 2011 there are approximately 80 000 searchable building records, with around 13000 listed as National Monuments, Historical Buildings and Church Monuments. Updates and new entries are made continually.

Records and data are compiled from surveys, documentations, archives and printed materials and then correlated by County Museums, The Swedish Church, County Administrative Boards, and Universities in collaboration with The Swedish National Heritage Board.

The content of the database is available to the public. You can search using free text or drop down menu.

Should you want to use texts or photographs from the database, contact the institution responsible for the information. The institution posting the material is found in the survey information and the photographer’s name is found beneath each respective photograph.

The information found in the data base can be downloaded to a GIS-program, as shp- or tab-files. You can save the data for all buildings or limit it to apply only to National Monuments, Historical Buildings and Church Monuments. A search can be made through delimiting either by county, or for Church Monuments, by diocese. For more information about downloading files check Dataexport.