Our Departments

The Swedish National Heritage Board is organised into five departments including an office that supports the Executive and is responsible for matters relating to the overall focus of the Agency.

The Cultural Environment Department

The Cultural Environment Department develops and administers knowledge, perspective, argument, methods and means of control, as well as making available digital cultural heritage information, so that cultural environment interest can be met in the development and use of the physical environment.

The department works for effective and legally secure cultural environment. The department is responsible for matters concerning buildings, landscape and digital cultural history information, including in the Cultural Environment Register with the search services Fornsök and Bebyggelseregistret.  

The department also monitors and supports cultural environment work in the country.

The Museum Department

The Department for Museums promotes development and collaboration in the field of museums as well as acts as a driving force and support in matters concerning cultural artefacts and museums’ work to preserve, use and develop cultural heritage. 

The department provide museums services such as storage and preventive care of artefacts for agencies and others who manage cultural heritage, throug the Swedish Museum Service (SMT).  The department also provides visitor activities at Glimmingehus – The Medieval Manor.

The Department for Digital Infrastructure

The Department for Digital Infrastructure is responsible for development, administration and operation of the agency’s information systems, technical infrastructure and digital workplaces. 

The department develops and manages the agency’s information systems and around ten different search services, including Fornsök, Kringla and Arkivsök. We ensure that security and stable operation are maintained both in the agency’s internal systems and in public search services.  The  department  is also responsible for strategic IT planning, IT architecture, development and administration coordination as well as internal user support.  

The Library and Archives Department

The Library and Archives Department works on information handling and knowledge distribution. The department is central to the agency’s provision of information and is responsible for the Swedish National Heritage Board’s archive as well as the Vitterhetsakademien library. The department is a node for the search of cultural information as well as a part of the scientific infrastructure for research and development in the areas of cultural heritage, archeology, medieval art history and numismatics.

The National Heritage Board’s archives is one of Sweden’s oldest state archives. The collections include over 200 individual archives. The Vitterhetsakademien library is a specialist scientific library with extensive printed and digital collections, available to all. It is the leading library in the archaeological field in the Nordic countries.

The department  also have educational activities through public activities, courses and guided tours in Östra Stallet in Stockholm.   

The Department for Administrative Support

This department is responsible for the agency’s corporate governance, planning and management support, as well as centralised support for the Swedish National Heritage Board’s other departments.

The department conducts the agency’s annual planning work and follow up, including the business plan and annual report. The multi-year planning work on strategic planning and budget data is also performed here.