Our Departments

The Swedish National Heritage Board is organised in six departments including an office that supports the Executive and is responsible for matters relating to the overall focus of the Agency.

The Department for Cultural Environment

Works with aspects of heritage legislation by means of decisions and recommendations, and promotes the cultural heritage as a resource in other areas of society.

The Department for Heritage Development

Develops methods and gives advice concerning the care and conservation of buildings, ancient monuments, artefacts, objects and materials.

The Department for Information and Communications

Facilitates communication about cultural heritage and develops services and systems for information management.

The Department for Library and Archive

Manages the Authority’s archives and library. The department is a node for the search of cultural information as well as a part of the scientific infrastructure for research and development in the areas of cultural heritage, archeology, medieval art history and numismatics.

The department also includes the visitor destination Glimmingehus – The Medieval Manor.

The department also manages Svensk Museitjänst, SMT. The unit’s assignment is to provide object storage and museum services such as preventive care items, documentation and storage solutions.

The Department for Management Administration

Provide management support and coordination.

The Department for Strategy and Planning

Works with overall strategic and long-term issues such as management strategies, coordinates our international assignments and supports the Executive.