Organisational chart

This is the Swedish National Heritage Board’s organisational chart with our departments and units.

The Executive

Lars Amréus, Director General
Knut Weibull, Deputy Director General
Department for Strategy and Planning
Department for Management Administration
Torsten Hökby, Head of Department Jesper Andersson, Head of Department
Office of the Director General Finance
Lotta Boss, Head of Unit Per Benéus, Head of Unit (temp.)
Digisam Human Resources
Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz, Head of Unit Sara Harring, Head of Unit (temp.)
Information Technology
Christer Lundgren, Head of Unit
Marie Green, Head of Unit (temp.)
Office Services
Fredric Dahlgren, Head of Unit
Department for Cultural Environment
Department for Information and Communications
Marja-Leena Pilvesmaa, Head of Department Tord Klafver, Head of Department
Cultural Environment Integration Communications
Rikard Sohlenius, Head of Unit Maria Bång, Head of Unit
Matters and Grants
Portfolio Management
Solveig Mckenzie, Head of Unit Pär Jonsson, Head of Unit
(Name TBD*) Heritage Data
Anna Lihammer, Head of Unit (temp.) Miranda Hackzell, Head of Unit
*)The unit Oversight and Supervision and unit Evaluation are one unit since May 2020. Systems Development
Pär Jonsson, Head of Unit (temp.)
Department for Conservation
Department for Archives and Library
Eric Fugeläng, Head of Department Inger Mattsson, Head of Department
Conservation Advice Archives
Christian Runeby, Head of Unit Matilda Ekström, Head of Unit
Heritage Studio Library
Victor Jansson, Head of Unit Johannes Rudberg, Head of Unit
Heritage Science
Stefan Nilsson, Head of Unit
Units for Public Visitor Sites and
Swedish Museum Services (SMT)
Linda Klementsson, Head of Unit
Jan Olofsson, Head of Unit
Patrik Ulvkrans, Head of Unit