Organisational chart

This is the Swedish National Heritage Board’s organisational chart with our departments and units.



The Executive

Joakim Malmström, Director General
Susanne Thedéen, Deputy Director General
Cultural Environment
Museums Department
Marja-Leena Pilvesmaa, Head of Department Eric Fugeläng, Head of Department
Unit for the Built Environment Unit for Heritage Science
Christian Runeby, Head of Unit Stefan Nilsson, Head of Unit
Unit for Grants and Protection of Cultural Environments​
Unit for Cultural Artefacts and Collections​
Miranda Ternald, Head of Unit (temp.) Ingela Chef Holmberg, Head of Unit
Unit for Geographical Information and Analysis Unit for Museums in Society​
Antonia Baumert, Head of Unit (temp.) Annelie Kurttila, Head of Unit
Unit for Landscape Development Unit for Technology and Digital Mediation
Ulf Lindberg, Head of Unit Åsa Larsson, Head of Unit (temp.)
Jan Olofsson, Head of Unit
Swedish Museum Services (SMT)
Patrik Ulvkrans, Head of Unit
Department for Digital Infrastructure
Library and Archives Department
Tord Klafver, Head of Department Inger Mattsson, Head of Department
Unit for IT Operations and Infrastructure​ Archives
Christer Lundgren, Head of Unit Matilda Ekström, Head of Unit
Unit for Systems Development Library
Daniel Färnbo, Head of Unit Johannes Rudberg, Head of Unit
Unit for Development Coordination and IT Architecture​  
Pär Jonsson, Head of Unit
Department for Administrative Support
Torsten Hökby, Head of Department
Finance Unit Legal Unit
Martin Ekepil Ringelid, Head of Unit Maria Westergren, Head of Unit
Unit for Planning and Management Support Communication Unit
Lotta Boss, Head of Unit Fia Rolfsdotter, Head of Unit
Human Resources Unit Service Unit
Sara Harring, Head of Unit Fredric Dahlgren, Head of Unit