Beyond the Map

Beyond the Map is a project focused on improving the accessibility and expanding the functionality of historical cartography resources, making the maps easier to find and more intuitive to use, both for the general public as well as for scholars and researchers.

Building on a base of linked data, the tools are meant to be flexible enough to support crowdsource efforts and also power customized exhibitions for museums, libraries, and archives, displaying complex information in user-friendly and interactive formats. By allowing users to populate digitized maps with additional data such as text and images, the historical maps become a platform to navigate history and present data in a new way. The project shares many of the values of IIIF, and is also a partner of the Pelagios network.

Virginia Boyero has a background in History and Archaeology, as well as extensive professional experience in the field of video game production. Her aim is to combine the best of both worlds and bring historical maps to the 21st century.

More information on IIIFs Maps Community Group’s website.