Posters from IPM 2019

Please find the posters from the conference Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage, IPM 2019, as downloadable pdf files below.

The posters below are published with the Creative Commons licens CC BY-NC-ND.

Analysis of ten years data and countermeasures to reduce significant bird strikes on the large glass walls of a museum building by lighting design
Rika Kigawa, Junko Akiyama, Hiroki Watanabe, Shiho Tomimatsu, Mika Matsuo, Hirofumi Okido, Hironori Kakimoto & Hiroto Okabe

Foraging of the parasitoid Baryscapus tineivorus for cloth moth larvae depends on type of materials infested
Sabine Prozell, Undine Köhler & Matthias Schöller

How to repel bees without chemicals
Joel Voron

Inside the wood: Biological control of Anobium punctatum with Spathius exarator
Alexander Kassel, Christine Opitz & Judith Auer

Integrated Pest Management: Informing the decision making process
Amy Crossman & David Pinniger

Lizards in the Library: A case study of an established resident population of Mediterranean house geckos in collection storage areas
Alan Van Dyke

Nitrogen as a biocide?
Sergio Piras

Nondestructive evaluation of development feeding and ovipoistion
Hiroki Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Yanase, Yoshihisa Fujii

Old books infestation by Gastrallus pubens Fairmaire (Coleoptera Anobiidae)
Sara Savoldelli, Daniela Lupi, Serena Malabusini, Matteo Zugno & Costanza Jucker

Oligomerus ptilinoides, the discovery of a new Anobid woodborer in the UK
Samantha Higgs, Kerren Harris & Rebecca Gilchrist

Practical IPM work at the Conservation Studio 2019
Lotti Benjaminsson

PRE-MAL: Pests, Research, Education – Museums, Libraries and Archives
Ingela Chef Holmberg & Carola Häggström

Selling IPM – Pest awareness in times of change
Amy Sampson

The early bird catches the worm – participatory methods in IPM
Maruchi Yoshida & Simon Kirnberger

What IS eating your collection? Is it eating mine?
Jane Thompson Webb, David Pinniger & Lisa Nilsen


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