Rights and Licensing

Here are details of the various licenses / rights that exist in RDF resources:

Public Domain Mark

Public Domain Mark is a non-legally binding labelling of materials where the copyright has expired, or where the material is not protected by copyright. The Public Domain Mark is developed by Creative Commons and is used by Europeana, among others.

Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

Used if the item would otherwise be protected by copyright, but the information manager wishes instead to waive all rights to the item and place it in the Public Domain.


Used for items where the author is not known, so-called orphan works.

Creative Commons

In addition, a content provider may use the six Creative Commons licenses where ”2.5 Sweden” is set as default (the default value may change to higher versions later). Read more about Creative Commons at www.creativecommons.org. If you wish to use a version other than the default, you may give its URL as mediaLicenseUrl and/or itemLicense, for example: <mediaLicenseUrl rdf:resource=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/”/>

Rights reserved

It is also possible to supply metadata about objects that are fully protected by copyright. The following options are supported:

Rights reserved – free access
The object is available to all in its entirety but may not be reused without permission.
Rights reserved – paid access
This item is available online but you must pay to see it in its entirety (e.g. via a one-time or subscription)
Rights reserved – restricted access
Access to the property is restricted by means other than payment, such as registration or other controlled access.