Brahemonumentet i Västerås domkyrka, inklätt med brädor och sandsäckar. Svartvit, lite transparent bild med konferensnamnet rakt över. Foto: (PDM)

Nordic-Baltic Conference 2024

The conference ”Cultural Heritage and Cultural Resilience – Nordic-Baltic Conference on Civil Preparedness” will be organized in Stockholm 11–12 June.

The purpose is to exchange experiences between the Nordic and Baltic countries on preparedness issues in the cultural sector and to enable increased cooperation between the Nordic countries in these matters, especially regarding the protection of cultural heritage.

Emergency preparedness in the cultural sector is one of the priorities during the 2024 Swedish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The conference is largely financed through a generous contribution from the Nordic Council of Ministers and will be arranged together with the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Directorate of cultural heritage in Norway and in cooperation with the Swedish Arts Council.

Participants from the Nordic and Baltic countries will be invited. Parts of the conference will be recorded, allowing those unable to attend in person to view the lectures afterward.

Cultural heritage forms a frontline in ongoing conflicts and has done so in numerous wars and disputes. The destruction or looting of collections, buildings and monuments serves as a deliberate tactic to erode the identity of adversaries and undermine their psychological resilience. Cultural heritage and cultural activities can also be subject to various types of hybrid threats including misinformation and undue influence. Against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts and the increasingly precarious security situation in our surrounding world, we want to gather the Nordic and Baltic countries to a conference for the exchange of knowledge and experience with the aim of learning from and enhancing our collective strength.

Researchers, experts, civil servants and decision-makers from the different countries will be able to share their insights and expertise.


Day 1 will be a full-day with a broad focus, covering topics such as culture and cultural heritage in war and crises; threats and examples from different countries of how realized threats have been handled; strategies for preparedness and protection of culture and cultural heritage; international cooperation.

Day 2 will be a half day with with specialized expert discussions, including sessions on preparedness status in the Nordic and Baltic countries; cultural property protection in the military forces; first aid for cultural heritage.

More information about the conference and the programme will be published here during the spring.

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