Gokosho/Vajra ("åskvigg"), Japan 1400-tal. Foto: (CC BY)

Webinars on digitalised collections 2020: Enriching research – enriching metadata

Are you a researcher or a PhD student who wishes to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in finding and collecting heritage data for analysis? Are you a museum professional striving to inspire and to increase research interest in your institutional collections, physical or digital? Are you interested in learning how museums and researchers can collaboratively enrich the quality of heritage collections’ metadata?

The National Heritage Board and Digital Humanities research initiative at Uppsala University, supported by the Europeana Research Grants Programme, will arrange a series of webinars in June, and a workshop in the autumn, focused on finding, accessing, using and enriching metadata in digitalised collections. The events are aimed primarily at researchers or PhD students within the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as museum professionals working with collections, digitalisation and/or research strategies. No proficiency in Digital Humanities methods and tools is required. The events will provide participants with inspiring examples and concrete advice, but will also offer the opportunity for researchers and museum professionals to discuss collaboratively challenges and needs

How can we ensure that researchers can find the data they need in order to generate new knowledge? How can we ensure that cultural heritage institutions and professionals can make use of the results in order to increase the quality of data collections?

In June 2020 a series of open webinars in English were held, featuring invited speakers with experience in research, working with metadata, and digitalised collections. The webinars and presentations of the speakers have been made available here.

YouTube Playlist webinars