How to apply for a permit to export cultural goods

Where are the forms?

The forms for applying for an export permit for certain older cultural goods and for applying for an export licence for cultural goods can be downloaded from the links on the right.

An English version of the form for an export permit is also available.

How are the forms to be filled in?

Instructions for filling in an application for an export permit are found at the back of the form.

Instructions for how to fill in the form for an application for an export licence are shown in Commission implementing regulation (EU) No 1081/2012 (see “Explanatory notes”).

Where should the forms be sent?

Once you have completed and signed your application, it should be sent to the Swedish National Heritage Board either by post or by scanning it and attaching it to an e-mail.

Remember to always use white paper when printing out an application for an export permit or export licence which is to be sent to the Swedish National Heritage Board.

Address for postal applications:

Box 1114
621 22 Visby

Address for e-mail applications:

What happens next?

Once the National Heritage Board has received your application, it is sent on to the licensing authority that is to examine the application (Chapter 5, Section 7 of the Cultural Heritage Act).

A decision is usually reached within two weeks, but the processing time may be longer than this in particularly difficult and complex cases.

How long are export permits and export licences valid for?

Export permits and export licences are both valid for one year counted from the date on which the decision was made (Chapter 5, Section 13 of the Heritage Conservation Act and Article 9 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1081/2012)

Can a refused application be appealed against?

An appeal may be brought against a refused application for an export permit to a general administrative court (Chapter 5, paragraph 1 of the Heritage Conservation Act).

If an export permit is not granted, an export licence will not be granted either.

Leave to appeal is required for an appeal to the Administrative Court of Appeal regarding a refusal decision from the administrative court (Chapter 5, Section 15, paragraph 2 of the Heritage Conservation Act).

Does the state redeem goods whose application for export has been refused?

Neither the state nor the licensing authorities have any obligation to buy or otherwise redeem goods whose export has been refused.


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