Demo and example code

The following pages with demos and exmaple code show what can be done using SOCH and are aimed at app- and web developers.

  • The Flea (using SOCH API) – This is a simple tool application, developed in-house, to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the SOCH API. The API is efficient and stable; we recommend that you use it.
  • Documentation for the K-samsök/SOCH API – The documentationen describes how application developers can use the K-samsök/SOCH API. The English documentation is currently not as in-depth as the Swedish; up-to-date documentation is available in Swedish.
  • The SOCH source code is published on our GitHub page under an MIT license: SOCH code; Solr configuation. The implementation is pure Java and a simple relational database is used för harvesting and indexing. The database is not needed by the API, since the API works solely with the Solr index.
  • Kringla for Android – Download source (.zip, 669 kB) – The Kringla app for Android was developed in 2010 and has not been updated since; as such, it is unlikely to run error-free on modern versions of Android. The app was removed by Google Play in May 2018. The API key for Google Maps has been removed from the code, and the SOCH API key has been replaced with a test key in the source.
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