Raw sienna

Raw sienna is an earth pigment that gives brownish-yellow and brown colours. The pigment has a high degree of transparency, which gives a glazing paint. In linseed oil paint it can be used for graining and other decorative interior painting.

Sienna, from the Italian name “terra di Siena”, is named after the Italian province where this earth pigment was originally extracted. Raw sienna is similar to yellow ochre and gold ochre in its colour, but is browner and far less opaque. Like other earth pigments the names of the sienna pigments vary, even if the colours are similar or even identical. Distributors sometimes present them with the name of the location in which they are found.

Other yellow pigments in Kulturkulör: Iron oxide yellow, yellow ochre, gold ochre

Other brown pigments in Kulturkulör: Burnt sienna, burnt umber, iron oxide brown

Other sienna pigments in Kulturkulör: Burnt sienna

Mixing chart

Kulturkulör’s mixing chart describes how you can mix traditional linseed oil paints to achieve specific colours. The chart shows the result of mixing ready-made paints and the parts are stated in percent by weight.

NCS – Natural Colour System®© is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. The NCS notation makes it possible to describe the colours of all surface materials. You can read more about the NCS system here. 

There are mixing charts for a selection of the colour samples in Kulturkulör. In the sample collection you can find more nuances that you can create with linseed oil paint and traditional pigments. The mixing charts will give you an idea of how the colour changes when mixing with white and in some cases when adding black. The mixing ratios are approximate and the properties of the pigments vary.

The mixing chart is colour coded to give an idea of the result of the mixture and what colours you can achieve with the traditional pigment, but keep in mind that the colour display varies between computer screens.

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